I don’t even care if removing trees with ’82 Oldsmobiles is not a sport, don’t care at all. If you don’t find yourself laughing at this video, you might be a terrorist.

That being said, what was the game plan here? I mean it’s obvious that these morons didn’t have one, that’s clear. But even if they did formulate one, I don’t think there was any positive coming out of this whole scenario. First of all, what’s amazing, as well as humorous is that every single one of those redneck idiots, actually thought they could pull down this gigantic tree with a freaking 4 cylinder car. That in itself is mind boggling. Why not simply go out and grab a chainsaw or two at the local Home Depot and do it that way? Sure it would have ended up with all of these guys dead, but would that have been a bad thing? No, it wouldn’t have.

Secondly, lets suppose they actually had a chance at literally pulling this tree out of the ground. I know physics and geometry are probably and afterthought for these guys, but good lord, did they not realize that by pulling the tree in the same direction as the car, that if the tree would have fell it would have landed straight on the car? Like that’s elementary type shit right there.

Lastly, I have no physical hard evidence this took place in the South, but I would be willing to bet the bank that, that’s where it took place. No doubt in my mind. Do you South, do you.