PhilsWhat’s that? Ohh you missed it? Well don’t worry guys, I got you covered. I blew it up and zoomed in on the infamous, beer shirt chugger; see below:

phillies-fan-2Am I late to the party once again? Like is chugging your beer through your t-shirt, the new thing to do these days? Is this what all the high schoolers are doing? If so I feel so left out that I have yet to try this. I might have to go sit in the corner now out of embarrassment.

However, I’m pretty positive doing this with your $8 dollar ballpark 12oz Bud Light, through your sweaty cotton shirt is not the best idea, in terms of reward/per dollar,  but I 100% respect it. If you manage to pull this move off at a party or at the local Frat house near you, there is a pretty good chance all of the chica’s will be flocking to you, quicker than the animals to Noah’s Ark. Fact. I can’t even begin to imagine this guy doing a beer bong, probably would set the world record at 2 seconds.


P.S. This guy hair style is nothing short of impeccable.