Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 10.49.20 PMThis picture is making the round across the interwebs and it was simply to good to not post. Originally, this was a Vine, but we are men here, and men don’t use Vine’s, no exceptions.

As for this old lady, she is giving absolutely zero fucks. And to be honest, I’m on her side, 100%. When you are that frail and white, white to the point were it’s tough to tell the difference between the glasses, her hair and her skin color, I think the only option one has, is to slap on 7 layers of the 120spf sunscreen. No brainer.

I mean she is clearly doing something right. Still alive and kicking it at the Phillies game at 97 years old and doesn’t have skin cancer, so I mean, clearly she is onto something here. In fact, next time I go out to the beach, you would be outside of your mind, if you don’t think I am copying this whole idea. If the ol’ sunscreen is working age miracles on this old lady, I can’t even imagine what it’s going to do to me. Glowing skin for days!


P.S. The whole sideways disheveled hat look, is absolutely on point, it’s unreal.