Hockey players are some of the toughest athletes in the wide world of sports.  Another great example came out of last nights, Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins game.  Instead of me explaining, just watched and be amazed at the toughness of this guy.

I hate the Bruins, absolutely hate them and every single one of their players… till today.  The grit this guy showed was off the charts, A++++.  There isn’t a high enough grade for what Gregory Campbell did.  If you have ever played hockey, then you know you are going get hurt when you block a shot, you expect it.  Even though he knew this, like every other hockey player does, he still lays his body down on the line.  Unfortunately, for him, he is out for the rest of the of the playoffs with a broken leg.  Its a good and a bad thing for the Bruins, on the down side they lose one of their toughest and hardest working forwards, on the plus side the have a little more fire in their belly, besides the fact that they are only one win away from another Stanley Cup finals visit.

The only time I have ever seen someone play with a broken leg is Greg Jennings, just like Jennings, Campbell put the team on his back and helped them pull out a enthralling win in OT.

-The Black Pearl