So as every hockey player knows, that cellying after you score is almost as important, as the goal you score.  If you don’t celly hard, well you should just stay on the bench like you deserve, you plug.  So in the spirit of cellying, I will be the showing the players today that celly the best.

#3 Alexander Ovechkin

When he was scoring goals he has some pretty unique celly’s.  Even if you don’t like him as a player he can score some amazing goals with some amazing cellys.

#2Nail Yakupov

He is pretty new to the cellying game but I like what this kid does shows some emotion when he scores a goal, we need more of that for sure.

#1 Patrick Kane

Great hockey player just having great cellys, nuff said.

Just for your entertainment some top 10 goal celebrations of all time, not my choices they are espns, like they know anything about hockey anyways…

-The Black Pearl