Listen, the disdain against Boston sports teams, in particular the Boston Bruins should be prevalent from all of our writers by now. If you are new here, well you just found out congrats. But that’s neither here or there and we can discuss that at some other time.

Anyways, this video as been going viral I guess? Or nearly viral. Watch it, it’s a solid 35 seconds of your life sans advertisement that you will never get back.

Not sure if this was supposed to be funny or not, but I will be perfectly honest. I din’t laugh once, not even break a smirk. I’m assuming he was under the influence of some x amount of alcohol, well if that’s the case, it really shouldn’t be hard to make people laugh (they other people only laughed, because they were drunk too). Was it clever? Yes, I’ll give him that. But in no way was it funny. This guy is single handily keeping the ‘Masshole’ stereotype and mantra alive. By far the cockiest and most arrogant fans in the business, hands down.

And for the record, I’m not just saying this, simply because I don’t like the Bruins. Had his been representative of my team, I would honestly be embarrassed to be a fan.


P.S. Can anyone for the life of them, figure out how to take a goddamn video with an iPhone? You have to take the video sideways people! Landscape mode, figure it out. This isn’t some brand new concept.