As I mentioned the other day with the Woman Crush Wednesday blog with Natalie Gulbis, we here at Benchwarmers Sports are always looking for the next ‘new’ thing or blog material. Well what goes hand in hand with sports? If you guessed beer, lucky guess. But yes, beer. There is no better combo than sports and beer, they go together like two peas in a pod, like PoohBear and his honey pot.

That being said, that’s where I came up with this idea, to do a once a week, blog or beer review if you will. The ‘Beer of the Week’, will be posted every Friday, so get used to the routine. Now, I’ll preface it by saying, this won’t be your BeerAdvocate review, I don’t give a shit about hops and heads and all that other nonsense. This will be a “review”, by the average joe, for the average joe.

The Beer of The Week:

Blackbeary Wheat – Long Trail Brewing Co.



This is a great beer brewed in Bridgewaters Corners, Vermont. It’s a rather fruity beer, with the tartness of the Blackberries, but don’t let the fruity aspect of it, fool you. This is a manly mans beer through and through. At 4% ABV, this isn’t exactly your go to beer to get hammered off of, or even to get drunk. I mean, you can if you want to, but you will most likely feel a bit bloated after 6 of them and you are barely feeling a buzz.

However, this is your perfect beer for sitting down on a rainy day in the house and kicking back and watching some sports or some comedy movie. Want to have a BBQ and small fire on the perfect summer night? This beer is perfect for that. Summer, fire and food go hand in hand with Blackbeary Wheat. To sum it up, this should be your go to beer for great social drinking when you have some friends and family over for the evening.

Give it a try! It’s not exactly your high end beer, but trust me, give it a try you won’t be disappointed. Stay tuned for next Friday’s beer of the week.

Think we should talk about a specific part of the beer more? Have any beers you wish to get reviewed Benchwarmer style? Drop a comment or an email, don’t be shy.