Last night was game 4 of the Penguins/Bruins series of the ECF, no that’s not a typo, I didn’t mean to say game 7, last nights game was in fact game 4. And that’s the sad part of the whole thing. For those that are generally space cadets and/or don’t follow a lick of hockey, the Boston Bruins swept away the Penguins of Pittsburgh with ease last night. For a series of the Eastern Conference Finals, I genially wanted to see a good series between the two teams. I wanted to see it go to 7 games, that’s what makes playoff hockey, that’s the difference between NHL playoffs and NBA playoffs. Unfortunately, this series was a straight up snooze fest, straight from the game 1 puck drop. I think even Bruins fans are a little upset or disappointed, that the Penguins didn’t give them more of a challenge. The fact the the Toronto Maple Leafs put up a bigger fight than the Penguins, should be a total embarrassment for the City of Pittsburgh.


Now I didn’t actually watch the game last night, get off my ass though, I had a environmental essay due at midnight. But quite frankly, I didn’t even have to. Just by browsing the social media sites such as Twitter, I could tell this game, game 4, was going exactly how the previous 3 games went, total snooze fest, with total domination by the Bruins.

To be honest, I have no clue in the slightest, on what happened to the Penguins. They canned under pressure, they shit their pants, whatever you name, the Penguins did. The Boston Bruins were the better team in all areas through and through, from the initial puck drop to the last goal of the series. The Bruins out hit, out skated, out muscled, out goalied, out coached the Penguins, the list goes on and on.

The fact that both, Sidney Crosby ad Evgeni Malkin where held off the score sheets throughout the entire series, is unfathomably to think about. Sidney Crosby would have been more productive had he been delegated to waterboy for this series, he was downright useless in all 4 games, stick a cone out there on the ice and it would have been more productive.

I may be just a blogger, I may not like the Bruins, but the Boston Bruins go on to win the Stanley Cup. Hollywood simply could not have wrote a better story line. From the Boston Bombings that brought the City of Boston to it’s knees, to the Boston Bruins who are making a run through the playoffs and to eventual Stanley Cup winners, putting the City of Boston on it’s back and bringing the City of Boston back up onto it’s feet. In the end, America and Boston 1, terrorists 0.

Daniel Paille realized that Crosby was a cone and took it upon himself to force Crosby to take a seat for a bit:

Tuukka Rask is absolutely playing lights out, not only in this series, but the playoffs thus far, this save from last night is a microcosm for his play throughout the series:

Bruins outmuscled, out hearted the Penguins on all levels of the game:

Adam McQuaidbroke the tie, scoring his first goal of the series and the eventual game winner.


P.S. Knitting Lady must be having a rough morning today.