I like where Chipper is going with this, I really do, he just might be onto something here. As we all know, The Illegal Mexican Crossing Crisis, as I like to call it, is a hot debate and a problem for the US. We are spending billions on Boarder Patrol, in a greater plan to curb the inflow of illegal Mexicans into the United States, while barely putting a dent into it.

So what a genius idea to take all of these gators from FL and LA and deport them to the Rio Grande Valley. Brilliant! As of right now, we are simply killing the gators, simply to kill them. So not only will this move get PETA off America’s Redneck ass, but it would be a win win for gators nationwide. Gators would literally be jumping three-fold up the social hierarchy in gator society. Going to the Rio Grande to feast on the unlimited supply of illegals. They would be living lavish life’s like you read about in Forbes.

I mean obviously, this whole system wouldn’t work for very long. After one of two thousand illegal guinea pigs are ‘captured’ crossing the river, they would find a new way to cross, be it marijuana rafts or cocaine cannons, they would still manage to find a way across. Besides, the Rio Grande really only divides the Texas-Mexico boarder, you still have to worry about  half of NM, AZ, and CA, where the vast majority cross anyways.

So while I respect Chipper for trying to come up with an innovative and resourceful plan of action for such a national problem, he may have fell short by just a hair on the full logistics of it all.