What’s up loyal followers, don’t all jump at once. Sorry for my lack of writing, I’ve been real busy in the gym and what not, no seriously I’ve been in the gym. Anyway, I was looking through sports headlines and saw this beauty on ESPN. Apparently Jim Brown believes that the NFL is trailing NASCAR with respects to the safety of their athletes (or whatever it is we call NASCAR racers).  Now the title is slightly misleading, and although I didn’t read the article all that intently (sorry, I’m busy playing video games, hey, at least I’m sober, more than what I can say for Gonzo) it appears that Jim Brown simply meant that the NFL really isn’t putting in the same effort as NASCAR.

Sure this looks bad, but it doesn’t compare to flying car pieces (via)

Jim Brown, I understand what you’re trying to say, but you’re comparing apples to oranges. I mean seriously, the NFL may be behind on a lot of safety stuff, but to try to compare them to NASCAR? You’re crazy yo. NASCAR involves cars going like 100 miles an hour around a track and bumping each other. If NASCAR wasn’t at the top of the safety race I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be televised, or maybe it would, I don’t know there are some sick people out there. Nice try Jim Brown, but please next time use something a little more comparative, like hockey, and make sure you cc Mike Shanahan on these emails.

-El Perro Grande