I love this bro right here. Love the tenacity of him, this is what tennis needs, tennis needs some much need flare (pun fully intended). And is this guy apart of Occupy France or Occupy Paris? Does Europe even have an Occupy Movement? Regardless, this guy is the man. Only thing that would have made this better, is if he would have launched the flares Titanic style and have them be like mini fireworks.


And can we get a slow golf clap for these security guards? They were legit. Just putting American security guards to shame. If this would have happened at a MLB game, guy would have been able to light about 10 flares before the cops reached him. But here in France, they take their job serious. Just putting life and limb on the line, because nothing can stop the French Open, not even flare bro.

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And this tackle? A+. Give that man a Purple Heart