In terms of heated debates, the old Gatorade vs. Powerade debate is one of the most heated debates this world has ever seen. And to be perfectly honest here, I have no idea why, it’s not even a close call on which one is better, one out hustles and out plays the other by a mile. It’s to the point, where it shouldn’t even be up for debate, not even a contest. So before I dive into my pick, who you got? Gatorade or Powerade?

The obvious answer here should be Gatorade, all day everyday and twice on Sundays. If you legitimately chose, Powerade, there might be something wrong with you upstairs or you are a terrorist. Legitimate question here, does Powerade even exist anymore? I haven’t seen people drink Powerade since the days of Nam, dead serious. You don’t see people mixing their Powerade with their liquors do you? No you don’t, because it’s always Gatorade. The only reason I know Powerade still exists, is because during my High School years, I worked at a grocery store and would see it at the bottom of the shelf. I speak the truth when I say this, not even 1/10 people bought Powerade, when I worked there, it’s has if it doesn’t exist, and it might as well not exist for all I care.


The only time Powerade was cool, was back in the late 1990’s and maybe early 2000’s, when you would occasionally get a Powerade because it was the cool thing to do, and they were relatively new to the market. But then when you got to 8th grade and High School and started playing with the big boys, it was Gatorade all day. It’s not that I’m on the Gatorade bandwagon to be cool, it’s because Gatorade is hand down the bet sports drink in the business.

How can you argue against Gatorade’s history, you can’t, it’s impossible. Gatorade came out in 1965, versus Powerade’s 1988. Gatorade, is also the staple for Gatorade or cooler baths on the coaches and players. You don’t see Powerade in there do you, nope because Powerade is an after thought.

So all of that being said, this brings me to my definitive list of Gatorade Flavor Ratings. I realize there might be a large amount of public backlash over this ranking and some harsh criticism by my critics, but bring it on. *Only doing top 3, no Gatorade Ice either*

3) Fruit Punch

Sneaking into the 3 spot is Fruit Punch, it’s too much a classic not to have in your top 3. It’s refreshing when playing sports or just being active, but it’s also extremely versatile. Fruit Punch is an excellent drink mixer, with Vodka or Tequila, but it’s also a drink where its enjoyable when just having a family BBQ.


2) Lemon-Lime

I didn’t really pick this for the sports aspect of it, I mean I guess it’s good when playing sports just as well. But I picked this mainly for it’s hangover cure. Down a bottle of Lemon Lime either before bed or right when you wake up (hopefully you wake up) in the morning after a long night of drinking, and this stuff cures your hangover. That’s why it’s in the 2-hole, a lifesaver, a go getter, Lemon Lime is.


1) Cool Blue or Blue Frost

Your winner of the Gatorade Bowl; Cool Blue

So refreshing on a hot day, Cool Blue it is, also known as Blue Frost, but regardless, this feels like a million bucks, when your throat is closing in and you are dying of heat stroke.  



Did I snub your favorite Gatorade flavor? Are you butt-hurt that Powerade got absolutely crushed by gatorade here? Drop a comment or an angry email and vent some of that anger building up inside or just drink a Gatorade.


Oh and P.S. Powerade isn’t recognized by spellcheck, that’s how shitty it is.