diveCcHUDPj friends-laughingA+ hustle, F- execution. I’m no math teacher, but I think at the end of the day it all cancels out right? Loved the hustle love the aggressiveness and tenacity. However, his diving skills need work, that dive was brutal to watch. He should take some lessons from some NHL players or NBA players too I guess.

That said, where the hell did he think he was diving too? Did he think the bushes kept on going Alice and Wonderland style? Like they just never ended and the ball was sucked into a black hole? Not to mention he over dived the ball by a good solid 3 feet. Another issue I am having here, is the fact that he ran in with sunglasses clearly on. Hey bro, is it sunny out or what?

And can everyone get of their cellphones for crying out loud. Biggest pet peeve of mine at sporting events. Words with Friends can wait. Your girlfriends nude SnapChat can also wait.