So perhaps many of you have forgotten, but we here at Benchwarmer Sports conducted an interview with Alexis Normand a couple of weeks ago. Who is Alexis Normand you ask? Well if you recall, she was the singer who botched the U.S National Anthem, at the 2013 Memorial Cup. That night aside, she is actually a good singer and just recently released her debut full-length bilingual album titled “MIRADOR”, earlier this year.


Find out what was going through her head during that moment. What it was like immediately after. And a lot of other interesting tidbits that you probably haven’t heard, as you get her perspective of that night:

A couple of notes here from Gonzo.

First, I’m a little disappointed in myself for leaving such a long delay in time, between the interview and actually editing and uploading it to YouTube. Taking 10 credits of courses in a 6 week Summer Session, is Hell on Earth, so any free time I actually have, doesn’t really go to the blog first.

Secondly, my interview skills on the interview scale are probably about a 5 maybe low 6. I’ll come out and admit, my interview skills could improve 3 fold, but considering this was the first ever interview I have actually conducted, makes it a kind of impressive feat. Aside from a few technical difficulties on my end and forgetting to make it full screen ’till half way through, all I can say is not bad, right?

Thirdly, I absolutely hate my internet voice, hate it.

Fourthly, a huge shout out to Alexis Normand and her PR Susan Busse. This would have never happened if it weren’t for Susan and Alexis on agreeing to do it and coordinating it with us. Also, Alexis could not have made the interview go more smoothly. Her personality and character and overall outgoingness made it especially easy on me, considering it was my first time interviewing someone. And kudos to her, for being our honorary interviewee.

More info regarding her music and her work can be found in the description of the video.

-Gonzo and Benchwarmer Sports