So I am posting a lot about the U.S Open, so what sue me, or don’t because I don’t have any money.  But anyone know what makes Merion special?  Is it that its one of the shortest courses to ever host a U.S Open? Or is it the fact that you play your last par 5 on the 4th hole….?

I think it’s a mix of things, the quirky holes, and the history that comes with the course.

So first of lets talk about some of the more interesting holes.


No. 3 is a lonnnnggggg par 3 stretching out to 256 yards, for most amateur golfers they would be hitting driver into this.  Even the pros are gonna be hitting some kind of wood either maybe a 3 or 5.  Also its not a straight forward hole there’s a lot of trouble on it.  Don’t be surprised if you see some big numbers on this hole.


No. 13, This is another tricky par 3, at a laughable 115 yards this hole is no joke though.  Boasting the smallest green at Merion and surrounded by bunkers and a green if you go over, you are dead, this hole will be testing the pro golfer nerves.  Hitting for some a half swing wedge  into a tiny green can make anybody poop their pants for a few seconds as they hold their breath ’till it hits the green or doesn’t……


No. 10. This is the shortest par 4, at 305 yards, knowing this hole is only 50 yards longer than the longest par 3, is mind boggling.  But like the rest of the course the difficulty is not in the length, but the set up.  If you miss left, coming into the green, you are a dead man, so going for this green off the tee is a no go.

These were just a few holes, but honestly its every hole that makes this course what it is.

The History:

This is where Ben Hogan completed the ultimate record and achievement in golf, “The Grand Slam” which is winning all four majors in the same year.  Also, they have a plaque on the course where Ben Hogan hit his 1 iron (which is under great debate if it was a 2 iron instead) on the 18th hole to 2 feet to save par to force a playoff.

Also whats with the wicker baskets on the holes instead of the flags, their are many stories and rumors that ago behind this but regardless it is pretty god damn cool.

Honestly, I think this is going to be one of the most interesting U.S Open in years with Tiger playing like his old self and how this course is set up and the drama that could unfold.  I know I won’t be missing out of any of it, my couch will be my new home and I am not leaving it ’till the last shot is hit on Sunday.

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-The Black Pearl