Everyone has experienced at least one of these types of people before. No matter what type of sports event you are at, no matter what city you are in, there will always be at least 1 of these types of people annoying the hell out of you. It’s a given, you have to walk into the arena or stadium expecting this savage like behavior, that’s just the society we live in.

4) The Uncontrollable Bladder People aka the people who get up and leave and comeback every 10 minutes:

Tennis fans fight copy

These people are the worst. Constantly getting up to either go to the bathroom or get a new t-shirt, or who the hell know what they are actually doing. Regardless they come and go like 3 times every hour, making you get up from your chair and let them ‘squeeze’ by, then they hit your food or drink or step on your shoes. That shit is beyond annoying. Wait until the intermission, or the end of the quarter or period or inning for crying out loud.

3) The Person Reading a Book or Listening to Audio During the Game

ku-xlarge natsnewspaper613bDoes this one really directly affect me? No, not really, but it’s still super annoying when its right in front of you. What’s worse is when someone gives you that passive aggressive look, as if telling you to shut up or quiet down, as if I’m the bad person, as if this is a damn library or something. Leave the 50 Shades of Grey novel and newspaper at home for a couple hours, the news or the text isn’t going anywheres soon.

2) Old couple or just people in general who don’t know anything about the game and ask every single question in the world:


Just constantly bombarding you with questions throughout the whole night, might be the biggest buzzkill ever. Nothing more irritating than someone who has no idea what is going on, and is just now trying to learn how everything works. Using us like we are some sports Wikipedia, that can just spit knowledge out all game. This biggest question I hate; “What is icing?”, usually I tell them it is when they ice the cake on the ice, 9 times out of 10 it shuts them up for a half hour or so.

1) The one guy who tries to keep starting the wave or starting a chant:


And in a landslide victory, are the assholes who try to start the wave or start a chant. Like hey buddy, no one gives a shit, sit down. It’s these people who will literally try for 10 minutes, every hour or so to get a wave or chant going, when clearly no on is paying any attention to them. Worst people on the planet. Just sit down and enjoy the game.

Honorable Mentions:

–Wrong jersey of either team or sport all together, i.e., a Canucks jersey at a Saints vs. Cowboys game

–Umbrella people at a golf event. Rain jacket or leave

–Super tall or super fat people

–The people who smack those balloon sticks or similar noise objects all game long