Bruins verus Blackhawks game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals begins tonight, in what should be a series for the ages. All biases aside, there is no clear cut winner here, no team has a huge advantage. It’s basically a pick ’em for who wins. This series is going to at least 6 games, most likely 7 games, that’s a fact.

So the question is who and how do you pick the winner for the 2013 Stanley Cup? Well I think the only logical way to go about this is by playoff hair, including facial hair.

So I have set the match up as follows; Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks and his mullet versus Jaromír Jágr of the Bruins and his mustache/facial hair, whoever you pick, is your pick to win the Cup.

Jaromír Jágr:

BMgTpYDCcAAPvfU.jpg_large-480x360Screen-shot-2013-06-11-at-4.47.27-PM-480x307Patrick Kane:


So who you got?