Last week, we did our inaugural Beer of the Week blog, where we pick through some of our favorite beers and do a short little blog about them every Friday. Nothing to fancy or specific, just a little gift from us, welcoming you to the beginning of the weekend.

Last week, we did Long Trail Brewing Company’s-Blackbeary Wheat, which is definitely a more social beer, rather than a beer to get funky too. So that is why this week, I am giving you guys, more of a bar beer, more of a party beer, one in which it’s perfectly acceptable to get super drunk off of, in fact, I think that’s the sole purpose of this beer.

Benchwarmer Sports Beer of the Week: Budweiser’s; Black Crown:

BBC-bottle-pourA fairly new beer to the market, one that essentially models after Bud Lights-Plantnium beer. This puppy is pretty high in ABV in comparison to your normal beers, coming in hot at 6%. That makes this a beer, in which it doesn’t take too much to get you tipsy, maybe just 2 or 3, just ask El Perro Grande, he’s a bit of a lightweight (handling of alcohol weight, not body weight).

So don’t be afraid to get this beer at the bar or buying it for home, for a little shindig, if you get my jist. Black Crown is two-fold’s as good as Bud Light Platinum in both taste and lack of hangovers in the morning. That’s a win win in my book. Like I said, this is your bar beer, your go to wingman on a Friday night, always by your side, but will never let you down. That by and large, is what makes a good beer, a good beer.

Have a favorite beer that you want to see blogged? Drop a comment or an email and we will make some things happen.