ht_Pier_ac_130613_wg_originalNot the first time something in Miami has collapsed, *cough* Heat *cough*. Zaaa-zing! Now that was too easy, to the point where it’s not even funny, but funny in a satirical way, if that makes sense.

But all jokes aside, this is some pretty serious stuff. Approximately 100 people were on Miami sports bar Shuckers’s deck when it collapsed into Biscayne Bay during the first half of Game 4 of the NBA Finals Thursday night. The latest numbers list the injured at 33, 24 of whom were taken to area hospitals. Two patients were listed in serious condition.

Chris Volz, 39, said he was sitting at the western end of the bar, about 10 feet from where the deck gave way. “Everybody’s watching the game. It sounded like a freight train, then everyone was gone. The deck went down like a V.” He said it happened in a split second and that no one had a chance to get away.

He said bartenders were diving into the water to help rescue the patrons. Fire trucks pulled to the water’s edge and extended their ladders over the water to help the patrons climb to safety.


P.S. Good thing the rescue divers came in, that water is wicked deep. How deep is that? 2 leagues you think, 3 tops? Good thing docks float…