So last night, I came across this air hockey robot video, that it going viral I guess, not sure what the big hoopla is over it, but I Tweeted this Tweet out last night and thought it would be the end of it.

But nope, I literally went to sleep, sleeping on this air hockey robot video, I was so pissed off over it, that I could not get to sleep. All I could think about was the video. So I had to blog about it to clear my head.

Like I said above, I really don’t understand all of the hoopla of this robot. Everyone is acting like we found the cure to cancer, like this the next great innovation. However, this air hockey robot sucks, straight sucks. As I pointed out in the Tweet, all the robot does is play defense and goal tend. Everyone knows that goaltending is frowned upon, like masturbating on an airplane, one can simply not goal-tend the whole game. Furthermore, of course this robot is going to win and make it look easy, that’s what happens, when you sit back the whole game and play defense and just wait for your opponent to make a mistake. Simple logic and that’s why this air hockey robot is actually garbage.

Anyone who actually thinks this robot is the bee’s knees, I might dislike you. That being said, I am 100% confident I could beat this robot 1-1. My air hockey slapshot is killer, no way it can stop it. Combine my angular attack, with the speed of my snapshot, and the puck goes in every single time. I need to find out where this robot is and I need to challenge it to a 1v1 and I needed to do this yesterday. Yes, I am a AH champion…


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