So as many of you know today is Father’s Day. So here comes a nice little piece about the top 5 father-son sports related things.

5.) Doc and Austin Rivers

Currently they are the only father-son duo working in the NBA. Doc as we all know is the coach of the Boston Celtics (for now) and Austin is a guard for the New Orleans Horn-er-Pelicans. Austin, who grew up in the suburbs of Boston attending Celtics practices and living and dying by his father’s team actually had the chance to play (and then beat boo-ya) his fathers team this year. Austin scored 8 points in 22 minutes, and his dad didn’t even his acknowledge his presence on the court during the game, actually he said that “he didn’t like it” (it being playing against his son) but hey who wants to try to shut down their son? I wonder if we’ll ever get to see these two working together? Only time will tell.

Doc looks excited for this moment….(Jared Wickerham)

4.) The Earnhardts

Dale was arguably one of the best NASCAR racers of all time until his tradgic death in 2001, his son, although not doing as well lately, is a very competitive driver. Dale sr., was so good that its actually easier to just google are there any races he didn’t win (here’s the list) instead of trying to figure out which ones he did win. Dale jr., is currently ranked 4th this year for the Sprint Cup series. They raced on the same team from 1998 to 2001 before Dale sr., died in a crash during the Daytona 500 (a race Dale jr., would finish 2nd in). If you want some chills on your father’s day, here’s a commercial of Dale jr., commemorating his father. Given that both have had very good careers you’d stand to think they’d be higher on the list. However, NASCAR isn’t really a sport…so…yeah…

Still not sure how Budweiser is a good driving sponsor (HHP/Harold Hinson)

3.) The Griffey’s

Ken and Ken jr., yes another junior situation. And like our other juniors these two got to play on the same team together. in 1990-1991 the two became the first father-son combo to play on the same team, and both would hit back to back singles and score in the  same inning. Pretty sweet huh? Although junior was better than his father, he never won a ring, compared to his father who won 2, guess you can’t have it all eh? However, both were very dominant during their playing careers, and Ken jr., eventually going back to his father’s original team (the Reds) for the better part of his career. They’re just off the top two spots because the top two are just that much better.

Ken sr., was totally that father who tried to hang out with his son’s friends. (via)

2.) The Manning Clan

Archie Manning was a quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, Houston Oilers and Minnesota Vikings. And while he never won a SuperBowl he did win his fair share of awards. And he also fathered two (well at least one) of the greatest quarterbacks to ever throw the pigskin, Peyton and Eli Manning. We of course all know what they have done, but let’s not forget probably the most successful Manning, Cooper. After being diagnosed with spinal stenosis, Cooper had to kiss his football career goodbye. Cooper is now an energy trader with a net worth of oh, 5 million, which may pale in comparison to his brothers but hey I’d take 5 mill. Not only does Archie have 2 great, potentially hall of fame quarterback sons, he also raised another who overcame much more adversity.

Arguably one of the best families in sports, and life (CUMMINGS/AP)

1.) Brett and Bobby Hull

Here we have 2 Hall (Hull) of famers. Bobby had 1,170 points over 1,063 NHL games playing for the Blackhawks and the Winnipeg Jets (where he earned the nickname the Golden Jet). Brett racked up 1,391 points over 1,269 career games which of course earned him the nickname the “Golden Brett”, see what they did there!? However, Brett and Bobby are the only father-son duo to reach the 500 goal mark in their careers, so, there’s that mr. Gretzky. Brett would finish his career playing for the Coyotes (who used to be the Jets before Atlanta became the Jets, if that’s not confusing I don’t know what is) and during his last few games actually wore his father’s number, aw how sweet. These two grab the number one spot because, well hey, they’re both hall of famers, imagine what a game of backyard hockey must be like with with this family?

They were in it for the long hull, I know, I’ll stop (Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images)


I know, I left off a lot, but hey, time is of the essence. Have a happy father’s day, and leave a comment if you so desire.

-El Perro Grande