Slightly confusing title, but the point of this blog has to do with the whole Boston Strong motto or phrase, that has been used widely ever since the Boston Marathon Bombings. I’ll preface it by saying this is solely my opinion and my opinion does not reflect the opinions of our other writers here at Benchwamer Sports.

Recently, Chubby Tee’s, a T-shirt and apparel company based out of Chicago, IL, has received a pouring of public outcry, regarding one of their recently released shirts, using the “Boston Strong” phrase, but changing it to Chicago Stronger, with part of the Chicago Blackhawks logo on the shirt as well. It looks like this:


The public outcry that followed the release of this shirt, caused Chubby Tees to immediately issue an apology and pull the shirts from their website.

Now, onto my opinion. Most may not agree with me, and that’s fine, that’s the reason why debates were created and why each and every person is entitled to their own opinion. If I am being totally honest here, I have zero problems with these t-shirts, or people/companies using the phrase and adding their own spin on it, zero qualms whatsoever in that department.

It should be noted, that I fully realize the Boston Marathon Bombings and the tragedy that is the bombings should not be something that is turned into a joke or downplayed. What people may or may not see, is I actually have a lot of friends who go to school in the greater Boston area and were there near the finish line and along the route the day of the Bombings. I have friends that ran in the Marathon that day and friends who ran in the Marathon previously. I have friends who live in Boston and some who were directly affected by the faithful day. So before anyone starts to bash me, note that beforehand. It’s not like I am some West Coast Elitist that is out of touch with reality, I’m fully aware of the reality and magnitude and gravity of the situation at hand.

However, that being said, I think the whole issue is being way over blown and being distorted. First, it should be mentioned, that the ‘Boston Strong’ phrase came from a couple of Emerson College Students. Who are we to dictate how the phrase is used and by who? Shouldn’t it be them, the creators of the phrase, the ones to dictate the use of it? If they had came out and either copyrighted it and/or voiced publicly that they did not want the phrase used in such a way, that it makes light of the tragedy in Boston, then it would be a completely different story. Because they did not, it’s all fair and game as to who uses the slogan and for what reasons they deem to choose.

What’s astonishing, or what I find astonishing, is that ‘Boston Strong’, the phrase, was turned into a for-profit business scheme less than a full day after the Bombings by many companies across the country. That’s something I do not agree with, however, everyone else seems to think that is okay? Companies that are not even from Boston, not even on the East Coast making and selling shirts using the “Boston Strong” phrase and selling them purely for profit, with no intentions on donating any proceeds to the victims. To me that is extremely ironic and deplorable. People seem to have no problem with companies and entrepreneurs profiting off of tragedies, but get bent out of shape when the phrase is misused and believe that is making a mockery out of the Bombings.

What would people say, if shirts were made using the phrase “Army Stronger”? Or “Marines Stronger”? Would people still get all upset over it? Army Strong has already been around for to many years to count, so would using ‘Army Stronger’ have the same effect on people, as “Chicago Stronger”? Or is some level of bias and “cityism” coupled with the Boston Bruins vs. Chicago Blackhawks playoff series, turning this into a bigger deal than it should be?

Of course there is A LOT of critics out there and rightfully so, their points are extremely valid. However, most likely, they are either from Boston and/or are a fan of the Boston Bruins, so there again is this cityism or bias idea popping up again.

You want to know what is despicable? This asshole who made this jersey and posted it on Twitter.


Now that’s something to be worked up over. Now that’s making a mockery of the Boston Bombings. Everybody needs to be ripping this guy a new asshole, and needed to be ripping it yesterday.

Thoughts on this matter? Is things like “Chicago Stronger” and “Toronto Stronger” making a mockery out of the tragedy in Boston? Or does you have no real problems with the whole idea of it? What are your thoughts on companies making pure profit off of “Boston Strong” shirts and not donating a lick of the profits to the OneFun charity for Marathon victims. Any and all thoughts are welcomed. Whether you now hate me is also you opinion and welcomed just as much.