So let me ask every big hockey fan does any one even remember there was a lockout this year?….. no, I didn’t think so, which is a very good thing.

First of all I am a fan of a shortened season, yes I love watching every hockey game but I don’t want it to become like baseball.  A long season that at the beginning no one gives a fuck about.

But on to the main point which is the Stanley Cup playoffs, all I can say is wow besides the conferences finals and a very few series that were lop sided.  These playoffs have been unreal especially including the on going finals between the Blackhawks and the Bruins.


There have been many great moments throughout the playoff like…

Gregory Campbell’s broken leg heroism…

or the fact that we have already had 5 game 7 series and are looking  to be another one….

(Was vs. NYR)

(Bos vs Tor)

(Ducks vs. Det)

(LA vs SJ)

(Chi vs Det)

Even though I hate him the return of Sid the Kid to hockey…

All in all this has been good for the NHL, if you think otherwise or have any other thoughts let us know.

-The Black Pearl