So for those who didn’t watch the game last night, stop reading, clearly you don’t care about hockey. Anyway, let me just say, this series has been fantastic, a real instant classic, now moving on, we’ve got two games left, unless Chicago wins next game, in which case, the series is over. And folks, I think that may be the case.

But why?

This should be a scary sight in Boston (Associated Press)

Let’s start with the fact that the Hawks big guns are rollinggggggg. Kane has 3 goals in his last two games and since most of Chicago’s scoring has been from depth guys, the fact that the big guys are here should strike all sorts of fear the Bruins. Toews (who didn’t play for the 3rd period last night after this questionable hit) also scored his first goal in a long time. If he starts playing well, the team will rise with him.

All that aside, the Bruins are looking a little beat up. Bergeron left following an unknown injury. He was taken to the hospital and per the Bruins twitter account was released this morning.

If Bergeron is unable to go, that’s a huge loss for the Bruins (I know it’s obvious). Bergeron is one of Boston’s better players, and always has a knack for postseason heroics. Bergeron isn’t the only big name player who’s beat up though. Although they won’t admit it, that big goony captain Zdeno Chara has looked tired. He did snipe one in on Crawford’s historically weak glove side, but the numbers don’t lie and Chara has been on the ice for the past 8 Chicago goals. Now, I’m not saying Chara is bad, I’m just saying when you’re on the ice as much as he is, you get tired. And it kinda shows.

A sight that’s being seen a lot more (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

We’ll see how it plays out, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chicago end it like they did in Philly in 2010.

-El Perro Grande