See what I did with the title there, pure comedic goal, I know you don’t have to tell me I am funny.

If you didn’t catch this gold piece of TV I can understand why since I was probably one of the few that watch last weeks PGA tour event.  But since I watched it and you didn’t, na-na na-na boo boo stick your head in doo doo. So just to set you guys up with the situation bubba found himself in.  So coming down the stretch bubba was in the lead by two strokes when he arrived at the par 3 16th where is caddy advised him to use 9 iron and as you can see it didn’t go over well, he went on to lose the tournament.

For one total dick move I understand that your caddy gives you all the advice and all the information to hit your shot but it all comes down to you hitting the shot, no one else.  Yes I get why he blames the caddy, a golfer doesn’t ever wanna take blame for a bad shot because then they will doubt themselves and that leads to them playing bad.

But come on man it isn’t the caddys fault even though he took blame for it after the round.  All in all Bubba is a good guy and is very emotional, unfortunately  his emotions got the best of him just like every other human being.

-The Black Pearl