First off, I know everyone is asking the same question. “Hey Gonzo, where the fuck have you been?” Well, to be perfectly honest, I don’t really know. Aside from being hungover and at work, I have literally have had all the time in the world, for some reason, I just haven’t blogged in forever, forgive me. The Black Pearl has single handily kept the site alive, meanwhile El Perro Grande is no wheres to be seen, presumably to busy sending me SnapChats of his shits, or retweeting Taylor Swift, who knows.

Anyways, enough of my preamble and onto the important information, like Wimbledon 2013.

If you are like me, or like most normal people, you presumably didn’t watch final match between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon. But don’t fear, BWsports is here, and we have a full recap for you, of the sights and sounds of Wimbledon 2013.

First off, Andy Murray became the first British man in 77 years to win at Wimbledon, the last came by a man named Fred Perry in 1936. History and historical significance aside, this is the first time the British have won anything remotely important since Nam. They (the British) have been on a real bender, ever since they were defeated in the American Revolutionary War. Jokes aside though, hats off to Sir Andy Murray.

Here is a video recap, for you illeterates:

Also, Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler where in attendance and they seemed to enjoy their time, I guess:



ten 3I have a question though. Is this the best Bradley Cooper can do? I mean c’mon, get a load of that honker on that girl. Woof

There was also a midget ball boy, kind of a big deal, great accomplishment for them:

photo1-480x360Also, safe to say, Novak Djokovic’s consolation prize is a straight 10.

jelena2-364x640So in conclusion, everyone won at Wimbledon and that’s all that matters, because at the end of the day, it’s just tennis…