What’s up fools, been a while eh? Sorry for the delay, I got kinda sick (like deathly) then went to a Phish concert (pass your own judgements). Anyway, today I saw this article which describes how the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union for those of you not so politically savvy) is concerned about how inmate Hernandez is being treated in jail. Yeah, they’re upset because the dude has 20 hours of solitary confinement.

Whoopsie (Reuters)

Hey, ACLU, give it a rest. If they put Hernandez in the general population he’d become some dude’s girlfriend in like 5 seconds, or worse, he gets stabbed to death. So you claim it can have “debilitating psychological effects” well a shank through your ribs or somethin else through somewhere else (use your imagination sickos) will have worse effects if you ask me.

Plus the dude is on trial for a murder and being investigated for about every unsolved shooting this side of the map for the past 8 years. If he was caught doing something much more benign (and typical around the NFL) like drunk driving or illegal firearm possession or even assault then you might have a case, but this is MURDER. Like actual death, not when James Harrison hits you across the middle, like Hernandez pulled the trigger (allegedly) and killed someone. So dear ACLU, you fight good fights, but you gotta pick your spots.



-El Perro Grande