First off, if you think I am going to attempt to translate that, you are outside of your mind. In large part, because I don’t really care what she actually said, but I’m sure she said something to this affect “RIP to my vagina boys, it will forever never be the same, nbd, but kbd”

Secondly, this girl is on top of the injury game when it comes to sports. Everyone calls soccer players the anti-christ and pussys and all this other stuff, but here we have Ms. Thorsnes just straight ice packing her vagina like it’s no big deal. If this was in America she would literally be on the IR for 7-8 weeks with “stomach pains”. I mean look at D-Rose, guy has been out on injury for like several decades and I’m pretty sure he just had some leg injury. Or look at Sidney Crosby, guy is out more than a prostitute in the Red Light district.

Ohh and said girl with the vagina injury:

elise_3864592a bilde.seher.no

P.S. I still don’t fully comprehend the whole vagina injury thing. Growing up it was always common knowledge that guys are the only ones that can get hurt down there, pretty sure that’s still how it works. She is probably faking it, typical soccer player move.