Normally it’s Gonzo who does irrelevant Tampa sports news, but given that the Rays are playing great baseball and their twitter account is comedic gold, I figured I’d take the reins on this one.

First, watch this video of Big Papi going absolutely ballistic on the phone in the away dugout, and yeah, the phone miraculously still works.

So Ortiz destroys the phone, funny at first until you get into logistics. That phone looks like a hotel room after a 90’s hairband had it for a night on their European tour (aka destroyed) and it really needs to get replaced because the bullpen has to get alerted at some point and cell service in stadiums absolutely sucks.

Also, bear in mind that because like only 5 people go to games, the Rays really need this new phone on the cheap, thus, this tweet:

How hilarious is that…straight calling out Big Papi, without actually calling him out. Something tells me they have a bunch of extra phones (it’s a joke, I’m not an idiot) but I think what would be funny is if they stole the one from Fenway when they go there on Monday night, guess we’ll see.

-El Perro Grande