So in last nights Carolina Panthers/Baltimore Ravens preseason game, things got a bit nutty. And by nutty, I mean when Armond Smith ‘attempted’ to sterilize Ravens’ Albert McClellan, with the ever so classic kick to the ol’ groin, as seen below:

nutshotAs you can see, 36 here clearly would have not made the punting team, as his accuracy was sub-par at best. And that’s where I have a problem. If you are going to nut kick a rather defenseless player with cheap shot like that and then proceed to be ejected, you have to connect 100% of the time, anything else is a complete and utter failure. Am I right? Like if you are at point blank range and miss that shot, you might as well off yourself at that point. That’s nut-kicking 101 type stuff right there. Nothing more demoralizing and embarrassing than what Smith just went through, pull yourself together man.