So as many of you may noticed and one of our Twitter followers pointed out last night, the blog as been rather stagnant the past month or so. First off, we do apologize to our avid followers on the lack of hilarious content and wise crack Tweets. Secondly, we have not abandoned ship, all 3 of our writers are alive and kicking and still committed to the blog 100%. However, as 3 young college aged men, our spare time, especially in the summer isn’t directed towards the blog, to put it blunt we have other shit to do and worry about.

That being said, now that college is back up and in session, magically our free time as expanded 3 fold. I’m no mathematician, but 3x the more time on our hands + excess beer=a rash of new and awesome blogs coming out of the woodwork. To me that sounds like a win-win.

We are working on some ideas to expand the blog a little bit outside of actual blogs. Think interviews, volunteering, charity fundraisers, etc. I’ll post more about those on a later date. But for right now and in the meantime, we will be working on turning out more blogs.

At the helm still, we have myself (Gonzo), The Black Pearl, and El Perro Grande (EPG). EPG may have taken his talents to SnapChat, but that’s to be determined.

Anywho, that’s that. Now sit back and relax and enjoy the show. Things are about to get minty.

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