Can I just say wow…….. This is why people watch these games.  The drama is on another level.

Washington came back in the fourth from two down to go up 12-5 in the fourth, everybody thought it was over until the bottom of the fifth…..

And then the game just got nuts, Connecticut came back from 7 down, fucking 7 down like for real  not to shit on the Washington pitcher but he must feel like shit.

The part that i love is this Chad Knight fellow who had a solo home run to tie the game the hits the walk off to win it….. like if this guy was any older he would be getting pussy all night.  Also he was as cool as the other side of the pillow in his interview.

So all in all if you don’t watch the LLWS you are missing out, honestly I don’t even like baseball, but then again this reminds me why I should.

-The Black Pearl