9VyYwgA_originalIs anyone else really confused here or it just me? Like yes, I understand that it’s just a pirate ship straight chilling in the Cove, but I’m so perplexed by this picture.

First and foremost, is this scurvy pirate about to flank those San Francisco hippies and have them turn over their booty? That’s what it looks like right? Some Pirate of The Caribbean (McCovey Cove) type shit going on here.

Secondly, was this pirate ship attacked by some Somali pirates or something out in the ocean blue? Boat looks like it’s been through hell and back and then hell again. If you are gonna pirate out, you gotta have a A+ boat as well, this little floating dingy is weak in comparison to the rest of the pirate world.

And lastly, if those San Fran hippies are pulling said pirate ship around like a dog. This so called “pirate” needs to turn over his pirate man card over stat!