Copyright 2013 Team Marketing Report //

Copyright 2013 Team Marketing Report //

Okay, so really this infographic means nothing to you and me, because we all know stadium beers are still ~$12-15 dollars in normal America for a 24oz. man can. Which to put it blunt, is complete horse shit, but that’s a different subject for a different day.

Now for my analysis of this Beer-O-Gram:

Boston being the heavyweight at the top is absolutely no surprise. Massholes, err umm I mean Massachusite’s are some of the most pompous and arrogant fans/humans in the world, so no surprise whatsoever that their beer is the most expensive. They probably only sell Sam Adams and make you pay cash too.

St. Louis is a bit of a surprise at the number 2 hole, in large part because one of the largest, if not the largest American breweries (Budweiser) is based out of St. Louis, so naturally I would have expected them to be in the lower tier of this chart. Color me surprised. Or that could be the result of the Monopoly that probably exists there.

Miami, honestly surprised to see how high on the chart they are. I would have expected them to be bottom 3. It’s a miracle that any fans show up as it is, now they have average beer prices? Holy Moly, cut the fans down there some slack will you? Only resolution to the whole Miami debacle, is free beer. No brainer. Marketing 101

Los Angeles (Angels), no idea whatsoever how they are at the very bottom of the beer chart. Makes zero sense and just hurts my brain thinking about it. But circa 6 buckaroonies for a 24oz beer is mind boggling. I would say I would totally live in LA for those prices, but who am I kidding, I would never live in LA.