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Now for the good stuff. For those of you who avoid ESPN around this time of year due to unnecessary Jets coverage or who just prefer watching Boy Meets World in the mornings instead of Sportscenter (guilty as charged) you may not know that the NFL and those players suing over concussions have reached a settlement in that huge ongoing concussion lawsuit. For those that don’t remember, ex-players were suing the NFL over lack of support and mental help for those who suffered from the now dreaded concussion. If you want to really read up on the lawsuit check out the NFL Concussion Litigation website, yeah, seriously, it’s a thing.

Don’t worry Alex, the NFL is here to help! (Paul Kitagaki Jr./The Sacramento Bee, via Associated Press)

Per NFL.com “4,500 former players want to resolve concussion-related lawsuits with a $765 million settlement that would fund medical exams, concussion-related compensation and medical research”. 10 plaintiffs were actually named (for those who aren’t law savvy the plaintiffs are the guys who are suing the NFL) and the list includes Tony Dorsett and the family of Junior Seau.

Essentially this means that the NFL is recognizing they screwed up and are really trying to make amends. Not only on the field with the fines and suspensions and what not but off the field, giving these players serious help, especially because most of these players played in an era when concussions were largely ignored.

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