If you haven’t heard of this story, I wouldn’t be surprised, most people don’t know or care that the U.S Women’s Open is going on right now.  I actually don’t blame you, normally I wouldn’t even look at any stories coming out this tournament or even the sport.

But this one is special, first here are some highlights from the match that I know you missed.


So honestly what this girl has been through to get to this point is unreal.  Her father, Jean-Maurice, was injured in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti as he stayed behind to help run a medical clinic, while Victoria trained and played tennis in the States. After being buried alive for hours, he was able to be pulled out of the rubble, but not without injuries that reportedly included a punctured lung. But a family friend via tennis, real estate developer Harry Kitchen, chartered a private plane to bring Victoria’s father back to the U.S. for treatment.

That is not all either. Although Victoria was born in Miami, her parents are both from Haiti. And she might have continued to grow up there as well if not for a violent robbery that turned into a hostage situation. Victoria was with her aunt and cousins at their house when it happened.

“She was held at gunpoint,” Nadine (Victoria’s Mother) said. “It was so scary.”

Nadine rushed to the house and the SWAT team was already there. They heard the officers talking about an operation, which in French is the same word for surgery, and were terrified Victoria or another family member had been injured.

I mean to survive all that is amazing by its self, but then to come though with an upset like this, you could say she has all ready lived a pretty full life at the age of 17.

Also the part that I love is how innocent she is with her high squeaky voice, her and answers to the question in her post round interview, and how excited she got that Lil Wayne tweeted at her.

So here is your feel good story for the week, cry if you want too because you better bet your sweet ass I did.

-The Black Pearl