No, not Shady, how about…the Finnish Flash, that’s right Teemu Selanne is coming back. And folks, if you haven’t seen how he’s announced it then you’re missing out…



Check that out, none of that primetime TV bullshit LeBron pulled, and none of that flip flopping Mr. Favre went with. He makes a good natured YouTube video. I love it, dudes a future hall of famer and he’s out there making a video where he actually gets into pond, pure gold. Now let’s see how well he helps out those Ducks, he had 24 points  (12 goals, 12 assists) last season so it’s pretty clear he can still contribute, plus if he has as much fun this season as he did with that video, the Ducks should be all right.

Let me know what you think

-El Perro Grande