So I was sitting here listening to 90’s pop radio on Pandora, drinking coffee and reading random news stories that loyal readers had submitted (hey it happens) when I noticed this little gem. Although it doesn’t top Gonzo’s little expose on Vodka Sam or whatever her name is, it is pretty interesting.

Milo playing sometime before cut day (Brian Jenkins)

Apparently in 2010 the UVM Men’s Ice Hockey Team (The University of Vermont for those who don’t know) cut their second leading point scorer. Justin Milo, who transferred from Cornell in 2008 was given no real reason for the cut other than lack of consistency and a bad attitude. This of course prompted him to file a lawsuit in 2011 where he claimed UVM coach, Kevin Sneddon improperly cut him from the team, did not notify him of his right to appeal the decision and harmed his reputation and career prospects in remarks made to the media at the time (Burlington Free Press).

And now, the verdict is in, and unfortunately for Mr. Milo, the judge chose to side with the multi-million dollar state institute and not the poor college kid who had a knack for putting pucks in the net. The judge ruled, in an impressive 29 page decision that Milo didn’t provide enough proof to back his claim (kind of like my last English paper) and that Coach Sneddon was in the right all along.

It should be noted too that this is the second case involving cut hockey players to reach federal court in Vermont. The first happened a couple of years ago at Middelbury College and the ruling was just about the same.

A quick google search of Justin Milo lead me to two interesting things, one is that he most recently played in the ECHL for the Gwinnett Gladiators and two, is that he was a low-level New York Yankees prospect. Other than this failed lawsuit, he hasn’t had any recent google hits, hope he’s doing okay because he’s failed at a lot of things lately.

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