This is “Vodka Sam”. What’s that? You don’t know who Vodka Sam is? Well she just so happens to be the girl that “Samantha Lynne, 22 of Iowa City, IA for Public Intox at Kinnick Stadium at 1321 hours. Goudie was stopped for trying to enter the field. Goudie was unsteady on her feet. Goudie blew .341 PBT.”

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She also Live Tweeted her night:

First things first; if you are going to sit there and tell me “Ahh Gonzo, all you are doing is promoting this girl and making her actions “cool””. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, this girls life is already so messed up, me writing a blog about it, isn’t going to reform her and or promote her anymore than she already has.

Secondly, little know fact about Vodka Sam here, her BAC of .341 (3.41) is without a doubt higher than her GPA.

Also, YOLO is one of the most over used phrases in the history of our existence, however, Vodka Sam absolutely crushed the use of YOLO, in fact, she might have single handily brought YOLO back, unfortunately.

Lastly, I have never seen anyone with a better Twitter Avatar. I thought our Twitter avatar was A+, but Vodka Sam’s blows our out of the water. It’s Vodka Sam’s world and we are just living in it.