d3cb5f7edfd1c4f29129169ea12e234eHey listen up here; we got a PSA.

So obviously us here at Benchwarmer Sports are taking the internet to a new level. So naturally, we decided to create a fantasy football league that our avid readers could join and play against their favorite bloggers. Great idea right? Well you can thank EPG for that one.

That aside, we need 3 possibly 4 more players/teams to get us to an even 10.

3 things:

1) It’s free, yes FREE. In fact, winner might even get a prize, possibly gift card. Win-win for everybody.

2) Want to join? That’s a rhetorical question, that’s a yes. Well email us at benchwarmerssportsblog@gmail.com or DM us on Twitter @BWsportsBlog

3) Just provide us with your email of choice and you are in the league, no questions asked. First come first serve. So get in while it’s hot.