If you haven’t watched an LFL game, you are seriously missing out. No, I’m not just saying that simply for the fact that’s there are scantily clad woman running around on the field, ‘wrestling’ each other. It’s because they are fun to watch, entertaining (unlike the NBA), they bring a whole new level to the table. They understand what the people want and that’s boobs, hits and action and comedy.

And that’s why I respect the hell out of this TD celly. Do this in the NFL and you are suspended and fined on the spot. But nope, not in LFL, they embrace it with open harms and to be honest, I love it.

As for the actual celebration? What’s more derogatory and demoralizing than, figuratively taking a piss on your opponents home turf? Honestly, can’t think of much. It’s the ultimate fuck you, the middle finger, the coup de grace. To be fair to their opponents, at least they had the decency to wipe after.