Ahh the classic, mid shirtless line ‘typo’, happens all the time.

But seriously, several questions here;

1) Where the hell are the “O” and the “R”? If you are going to do the shirtless line sign, you simply can not abandon ship mid game. That’s like sign treason. I don’t care if it’s the bottom of the 6th and you need one more 24oz beer before they cut them off at the top of the 7th. If you want to be part of the line sign, you gotta stand your ground and fulfill your duty. Damn amateur hour over here.

2) And what’s up with the bro at the far right? Suns out guns out for no reason? Felt left out so wanted to at least have the ol’ shirt of for the ladies? Like hey bro can you not read? Your friends literally have a sign on them that says “Gays”. Step up to the plate and sub in as the “R”.

3) Sometimes I really hate the fact that I am a Rays fan, events like this really put it into perspective for me