I legitimately don’t comprehend football in the South, it’s like they are in their own little world down there. Live and die by college football, just wacky wacky folks down there I tell you. Like anywheres south of the Mason Dixon line and East of the Mississippi River and you are in prime wacky football territory. I just can not wrap my head around it.

In any case, that aside, this prank sucked all around. Any prank that takes nearly one week to set up and execute is way out of bounds. Pranks need to be simple, yet sophisticated, something that requires little effort to be put into it, but with a large return on your investment. Something this prank, clearly didn’t do, this was a snooze fest really.

You want to know what a great prank would have been? It would have been going out and getting giant ‘cock, like a turkey or large rooster or some shit and dressing it up in a Gamecock jersey and then let it live and roam around the guys bedroom for the whole week. Boom A+ prank. But then PETA would have lost their shit and would have filed a lawsuit claiming the turkey suffered emotional distress. Thanks a lot PETA.