To be perfectly honest with you, I didn’t even watch the video. In large part, because I was not inclined to see a grown man drink his own piss, but also, I have better shit to do than waste 4 minutes and 8 seconds on a piss drinking synopsis. Should have been a 20 second video tops, he is just trying to reach is 15 minutes of fame.

I will say, without even watching the video, this guy looks exactly like the image I get in my head of a ‘piss drinker’. If there was ever a stereotype for someone who drank their own piss, this guy would be a 100% match. No if, ands or buts about it.

Furthermore, I respect the hell out of this guy. Sure he seems like he might be missing a screw or 7 up top, but there is nobody I hate more than people who don’t follow through on a promise. You make a promise, you better keep that promise, especially when you make a promise to the internet. So in that sense, this guy is secretly my hero. Sure, this video is going to be tough to explain to future employers, but I’m going to go out in left field here and say he already had that problem prior to this.