UPI – South Korea has granted permits to GDS Architects to build the world’s first “invisible” tower near the Incheon International Airport just outside of Seoul. Tower Infinity won’t be the tallest skyscraper in the world, but it will have an innovative LED projector and camera system that will use real-time images to “cloak” the building. Tower Infinity will reach 450 meters (1,476 feet) and have the third highest observation deck in the world with a view of planes flying in and out of Incheon. The GDS website says the tower will set itself apart “by celebrating the global community rather than focusing on itself.” ”The tower subtly demonstrates Korea’s rising position in the world by establishing its most powerful presence through diminishing its presence. Korea will have a unique position of having the ‘best’ tower by having an ‘anti-tower’.“ Though the building’s purpose is to showcase innovative Korean technology, when completed, Tower Infinity is expected to be the sixth-highest tower in the world.

invisi-towerHold the phone. Hold the damn phone! South Korea wants to build what? A freakin’ invisible skyscraper? I literally can not wrap my head around any part of this whole invisible skyscraper jargon. I can’t be the only one can I?

First and foremost, isn’t the whole purpose of a skyscraper to be seen from around the metro, an icon of the region or city if you will? Like look at every famous skyscraper around the world, from New York City to Dubai to Hong Kong to Brisbane, each and everyone of those cities have a landmark skyscraper and guess what? They arn’t fucking invisible. So legitimate question here, what the hell is the purpose of a invisible skyscraper?

Secondly, aside from not having the slightest clue as to how it’s even remotely possible to create an invisible building in the first place, how exactly does this whole process work anyhow? So at night it becomes invisible, I kinda get that, but then what happens to the people inside cooking rice and watching Pokemon? They become invisible too? Or are they just there for all of Seoul to see?

I’m not even going to touch on the fact that they proposed to have this be built by a damn airport. Because we all know that invisible buildings and airports and plans that fly in the sky belong together. What idiots.