Long time no blog, I know, it’s called taking 16 credits, read about it.

In any case, the other night an ‘incident’, as I would like to call it took place at Turner Field. Some might call it a brawl, some might call it a donnybrook and by baseball standards it was nearly a UFC match, however, for now I’ll simply call it an” incident”.

Now listen, I know there are these so called “un-written” rules in baseball, which have been around since the dawn of baseballs conception, I get that. But hey, wake the fuck up, this isn’t the early 1900’s when baseball was the crown jewel of sports, we are in a different word, a different generation if you will. Out go the “un-written” rules that have been in place for decades upon decades. We are in a whole new breed of baseball, whether you want to like it or not.

So yes, while Carlos Gomez, technically crossed the imaginary red line and broke the “un-written” rules, with the exaggerated bat flip and the staring down the HR and whatnot, but who gives a shit? Honestly, are we still in kindergarten? Do we have to throw a hissy fit every time some insults us? Because that’s exactly what the Braves did. They threw a hissy fit. They had their feelings hurt, and threw a 3rd grade tantrum.

Am I gonna sit here and condone Gomez’s actions? No, but I’m certainly not going to condone those of the Braves players. Sure a couple chirps at Gomez while he trotted around the bases would have been fine, but catcher Brian McCann took it a step to far. Absolutely zero need for him to get in Gomez’s face, especially in the first inning of a what was then a 0-0 meaningless game (Braves already have clinched a playoff spot). That being said, I 100% understand where McCann is coming from, it’s called sticking up for your team, but there are other ways to go about it.

And since we have been talking about “un-written” rules, you want to know what should have happened, how it all should have gone down? Next time Gomez steps to the plate, first pitch is a fastball on the numbers. That’s old school baseball, that’s how you solve your problems on the diamond, not by throwing some tantrum, some hissy fit. If you want to play old school baseball, by the old school rules, then play it on both ends, not just theirs.