Hey listen, do I think this is a cool video? Yes, do I think this kid is awesome? Yes. Do I think this kid deserves everyone under the sun to start calling him the next Tiger Woods? Absolutely not.

To be blunt, nothing this kid was exceptionally impressive. Is that being harsh? Probably, but life is harsh and some things deserve to be said. All the kid was doing was basically the same exact swing, every single time to the same exact target. Move the target no less than 3 inches either direction and he misses ever single time. That’s both fact and science. This little kid was simple using muscle memory every single shot, almost like a robot.

Fundamentally, his swing was atrocious. Feet were never planted. Swung like Happy Gilmore. Swung with his body and not his hips. All around F- on the basic fundamentals.

So while impressive to a certain extent, no way does it deserve the attention it’s getting*. If that is going to make me a bad parent in the future, then I guess I’m going to be a bad parent.

*I’m extremely jealous that this kid has a better short game than me…