enhanced-buzz-3007-1381258201-16 enhanced-buzz-7288-1381258232-17Germany is stating that these uniforms are not a subliminal attack at Russia and Putins anti-gay stand, which lets be honest here. These rainbow Sochi 2014 outfits are exactly that, at least in my mind they are. I mean why else would someone design such an atrocity of an outfit?

Regardless of whether they are or are not an attack on Putin’s anti-gay stance, do you really think Vladimir Putin gives a shit? For sure not. Putin has to much better shit to do, like riding black bears and being a part of nature and doing Vladimir things. Guarantee the last thing on his mind is some whacky colored snowsuits.

Germany gonna rainbow. Putin gonna Putin. Advantage Putin.

080620people_putin--121394861977409600_width_600xPresident Putin visits Russian border island in Gulf of FinlandVladimir-Putin-on-vacatio-007