So for anyone watching this Patriots Jets game, you may have noticed a few things. For example; Gronk is back, or none of their running backs are helping your fantasy team. But I guarantee that you may have missed this…the Patriots offense is like a solid 95% white, which, statistically speaking is kinda what it would look like if it were really from New England.

Super Diverse eh? (via)

Don’t believe me? Well this link has their depth chart, that really shows the diversity. Although a point should be made…the depth chart will list Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaaron Dobson higher than a few other receivers, but so far throughout this game Austin Collie and Julian Edelman have been the receivers I’ve seen out there the most.

But hey, they bear the name of a region that is 84.9% white (I know, I used Wikipedia…SO WHAT) I guess it’s just a thing that’s going to happen…right?

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