So for those of you unaware, Alex Morgan did a Reddit – Ask Me Anything. To be honest I was a tad bummed out when it was over, in large part because she really didn’t answer any juice questions, you know the questions every male wants answered. In any case, some of it was pretty interesting so if you do have the time it’s worth the time to check out.

As for what I got out of the AMA:

She fucked Pau Gasol at Olympic Village. Everyone knows how the Olympic Village works by now. You meet someone in the cafeteria and next thing you know they are doing it. That’s just the cold hard fact unfortunately.

[–]Sleaf14 118 points 1 hour ago

What celeb were you most surprised to meet or that recognized you?

[–]AlexMorgan_13[S] 313 points 1 hour ago

“I was really excited to meet Pau Gasol because I’m a big Lakers fan. I saw him in the cafeteria at the Olympics.”

She thinks she can beat LeBron James in soccer in 1-on-1, because of course LBJ has to come up in the conversation. To be honest, I think I can beat Alex Morgan in 1-on1 soccer. And it has nothing to do with soccer skills, its just science. I’m stronger than her plain and simple. If I get the ball she will lose base on time of possession alone and that’s good enough for me.

[–]bendylove 95 points 1 hour ago

Can you beat LeBron 1-on-1?

[–]AlexMorgan_13[S] 331 points 1 hour ago

“1-on-1 in what? In soccer, I’m pretty sure I can take him pretty easily!”

Initially I thought beach cruisers were some sort of dune buggy like car. Like some hipster vehicle the rich drove around. Apparently, after a quick Google search, beach cruisers are just fucking bicycles.

[–]SwaggyMcSwagsabunch 18 points 1 hour ago

how many beach cruisers do you own? 

[–]AlexMorgan_13[S] 41 points 1 hour ago

I have three, but our place in South Bay has 11 of them.